PANO Camera Settings (Standard Google Requirements)

Please refer to the list below regarding PANO Camera Settings. These are the standard Google requirements we recommend following when shooting your panoramas.


  • ISO 400

  • f/8.0

  • Large/fine JPEG file format

  • Evaluative (Canon) or Matrix (Nikon) Metering Mode, Exposure Compensation/AEB needs to be +/-2

  • Aperture priority shooting mode, DO NOT USE Manual mode

  • Auto White Balance, Standard picture style

  • Manual focus

  • Fisheye lens focus ring setting = 1.5 feet/0.5 meters

  • Make sure to double check your leveler BEFORE you start shooting to ensure level panos.

    • Crooked panos will likely result in a reshoot as they are not usable

  • Take an initial test pano upon starting your shoot and VERIFY the images on the camera screen are in focus and look acceptable

  • Please try to start the spins facing the same nautical direction for each area. Please also shoot into corners of rooms as there are more control points for stitching

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